An archive of the bike builds by us and our Hang 10 family. We will post rides of all brands and styles including Ruff Cycles and Lowrider.

 Come here to get inspiration for your own wheels or just to see the creativity packed into this page!

His & Hers

A perfect pair for cruising the streets. Custom 100mm and 80mm wheels on the blue Smyinz and Beach Bum tires for both. Matching Wrangler seats and grips. 

Stay frosty!

The Naked Hornet

We wanted to bring out the beauty of the metalwork of this bike design. Taking The Hornet Limited Edition frame from Ruff Cycles we paired it with some custom bars from Peek Cycles in California creating a bike themed from tip to tail. From the playbook of old school bikes we mounted a Boxkars shifter on the top bar of the frame behind the bars. 

We drilled out the stinger on the back so it can be mounted either direction, sure to be a surprise for any tailgaters following too close behind!

Red Hard Time

It’s hard to get a more classic look than chrome and red! Despite the name, the only hard time you’ll have is staying away from cruising with this beauty.

The Black Ape Series: The Dean Special

Customized with a few extra bells and whistles this bike is a lean, mean, cruising machine. Fitted with a Flat Black Bates LED Headlight, Blade Mirrors, Black Stockman seat with a tail-light hidden underneath it grabs your attention if you are quick enough to see it speed by. 

Rusty Tango Special

Spring of 2018 we sent off a Rusty Tango Special to Toronto. What started as a kit bike turned into a custom build with it’s own unique personality, designed by it’s new owner himself, Avi!

Wanted to express my experience with the Crew at Hang 10 Customs;

First off, I remember seeing the frames put out by Ruff Cycle about 5-10 years ago the first time I saw these frames I knew right away that this was my dream bike. I started researching Ruff and how I could get my hands on one of these frames. Unfortunately to import from Germany to Toronto was well way out of my reach so I said to myself I will wait until someone in Canada starts importing and carrying Ruff.

I was searching the Ruff Cycles Web Site when I read “Find a Dealer near you”, I didn’t get my hopes up. While looking at all the shops I could not believe it when I saw Hang 10 Customs out of Alberta Canada was listed as a Ruff dealer. I was very excited as you can imagine but right away I said to myself there will be all kinds of obstacles. I decided to send off an email to Hang 10 to see what happens and within the same day I got a response from Gil. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and at that point I felt like I could ask anything about the cycles without feeling like they didn’t need my business. From there we started corresponding, talking about how I could get a Ruff Cycle to Toronto.


Again, I was pleasantly surprised when Gil was willing to work with me to make my dream happen and within the week we had struck up a deal that I couldn’t pass up. From there forward Gil answered all my emails within the same day. I felt like I could trust the crew at Hang 10 and to me that’s good business. Before I knew it, I had a Rusty Tango S sitting in pieces in my apartment (excellent packing and shipping btw guys). It took me about 4 weeks to get the Tango to where I had envisioned it in my mind.

 As for the ride on this Tango its like nothing I’ve ever ridden before, trust me on this. I have a collection of 5 bicycles of all sorts and nothing feels like this ride. The Crew at Ruff Cycles have thought of everything from frames to making their own parts, it just all fits together like you expect it should. People here in Toronto Have not seen anything like the Ruff Tango and go crazy when they do and ask endless questions. I wanted to give a big thanks to Gil and the crew at Hang 10 customs for making my dream come true.

Cheers Guys, 


The Acevedo Team: The Dean Special

A completely custom build from the ground up. We took a raw The Dean Special frame, and threw our clients company colors on it and a custom decal panel.

It was tricked out with the best parts; Suicid3 Shifter, Kroozie, 3 Speed hubs, Disc Brake, 3-Piece Crank.

The result was a slick, comfortable, that doubles as an advertisement on wheels.